Effective leaders go about their day to day tasks differently than others, because they see their responsibilities differently. In today’s world, everything is constantly changing. We must be ready to constantly adapt to change. Highly effective leaders meet these changes head on – even when it seems like a paradox – with timeless principles of effectiveness and the strength of their character. They know, for exemplary leadership, that not only what they do counts, but also who they are. This FranklinCovey program develops leaders at three levels: the personal ( „lead myself“), the team („lead my team“) and the organization („lead my organization“).

At every level two aspects are discussed: Character – how can I as a leader be an example of personal effectiveness, build trust with all those who are involved and increase my circle of influence – and Competence – how can I motivate others to effectively set goals to achieve lasting and sure success?

”Leadership: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results™ ” supports those in Leadership roles at all levels, so that they:

  • Build credibility as leaders, so that people trust their performance and decisions.
  • Give clear and convincing direction, which inspires people to give their best.
  • Establish a success system that leads to desired lasting results.

„Leadership“ supports Leaders at all levels

  • Building Trust as a leader

  • Clarifying the job

  • Implementing sucess systems to make progress sustainable and measurable

THE 4 IMPERATIVES OF SUCESSFUL LEADERSHIP 4-Leadership-Imperatives-300x300

How to learn

FranklinCovey Trainer

The FranklinCovey Facilitators understand their role as coaches for their clients. It is of highest importance to them, not only to create the short-lived success that comes after seminars, but to ensure the lasting changes in your business and self that you desire.

Firmen Trainer

As an internal company FranklinCovey-Facilitator you can use your role as a guide to initiate and ensure the desired changes. We offer you a solution with our Company Facilitator Program, that allows you to deliver FranklinCovey solutions within your own organization. As a certified facilitator, you may adapt our content to your organization’s needs, and at the same time take an innovative approach to your own personal development. We invite you to become a certified FranklinCovey Facilitator to see the changes in yourself and your company!

Live Online

Online Learning Solutions from FranklinCovey connect the worldwide tried and tested content with the diverse options of virtual learning. Depending on the situation, clients profit in various ways from FranklinCovey’s Online Learning Solutions, which are flexible in their integration of leadership and personal development.

Case study:

Mövenpick Hotels und Resorts

The creation of a culture of trust through brilliant leadership

In Spring 2008, a tailor made pilot of the new FranklinCovey Leadership programme was conducted for a selection for senior leaders.
The program offers an open and supporting environment, in which challenges and chances in the company can be discussed and analysed. A foundational component of the program, – and a core-behavior – is trust.

Throughout the whole program, participants are challenged to let their actions follow their words, and to live the values and behaviors with trust as the foundation. One of the positive consequences is clear communication, which leads to faster decision making.

Mövenpick Hotels und Resorts


Participant Material:

  • High Quality Participant Handbook.
  • 360° Leadership-Quotient (LQ) Assessment
  • CD with all of the tools from the workshop
  • Leadership Action Plan
  • Exclusive access to the Leadership-Online-Portal with helpful tools for daily application in your time.
  • The leadership bestseller, “The 8th Habit” by Stephen R. Covey

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