Microsoft – Sweden
In the “paperless office”, Microsoft® Sweden’s management has trained all employees in the field of productivity with “The 5 Choices” program, thus creating a much better working environment.
Halton, a global air-conditioning company based in Finland, significantly increased the productivity of its employees with FranklinCovey’s programs.
The Internet recruiter epunkt consistently implements its strategy with “The 4 Disciplines”. With sustainable success.

Donau Chemie
The global chemical company Donau Chemie, headquartered in Vienna, bases its corporate culture on the principles of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.


The Swedish IT logistics company Centiro introduced the training “The 7 Habits” throughout the entire organisation and very successfully achieved a holistic corporate culture and uniform way of thinking. They used to programm to effectively scale and grow.
Western Digital
The American IT company Western Digital strengthened its corporate culture with the “7 Habits” and thus achieved an increase in returns and maintained its position in a highly competitive market.
Frito Lay
The American retail group Frito Lay strengthened its corporate culture with FranklinCovey programs.
Shea Homes
With the help of the “7 Habits”, Shea Homes was able to significantly increase its company performance. The fifth habit helped the most: Win-Win Thinking.
Georg Fischer
The Swiss mechanical engineering company Georg Fischer meets the challenge of globalization with “The 7 Habits”. The company has achieved a performance increase worldwide, which is attributed to the strong and uniform corporate culture.
Waste Management
With internal FranklinCovey facilitator program, the American company Waste Management significantly increased its sales performance.

Further case studies

The international logistics company FedEx has developed its own strong management culture.
Hamilton Sundstrand
The aerospace company implemented the “7 Habits” to improve employee satisfaction.
LG Philips
LG Phillips, an electronics company, improved employee productivity and reduced overtime.
Panama Ports Company
The international port of Panama introduced more structure and successfully established a corporate culture.
Kimball International
The furniture company uses the “7 Habits” to create win-win situations and thus better serve customers.
HP Denmark
The IT company HP Denmark set itself high goals and achieved them with the help of the “4 Disciplines of Execution – 4DX”.