Increase commitment to your strategic goals

16th December 2021
15:00 - 16:30

This event is for: Senior Leaders, C-suite, MDs, CEOs, COOs, Operational Leaders

What will we talk about: A simple, repeatable formula for executing your most important priorities

Format: Zoom webinar

Language: English

As we are at the threshold of a new financial year, the drama of the last two years, the change and disruption to people and businesses is still present. Business leadership has changed forever; as leaders we have adapted our practices and technology for a new way of working. The practical and technical stuff we have now mastered. Largely those ‘stroke of the pen’ decisions involving capital expenditure, IT, staffing or campaign management. The human condition, changing hearts and minds, is more challenging.

The strategic breakthroughs we need with our teams, now those are far more complex: engagement at scale is the Holy Grail. A great presentation, delivered with passion and character can get the ball rolling, can excite people into the vision and mission – but execution of that strategy and vision, again at scale and with consistency, that’s where it can quickly get fuzzy or the horsepower needed isn’t quite there.

Anyone who has had exposure to The 4 Disciplines of Execution (we call it 4DX) will be familiar with us sharing our research on the 4 natural laws successful leaders use to execute on strategy:

  1. Focus
  2. Leverage
  3. Engagement
  4. Accountability

Nothing that you have not heard before, right. However, what we have created in 4DX is a simple-to-follow system that walks a team or teams, step-by-step, towards your most important strategic goals, on the way creating and building a culture of high performance. You set the goal, 4DX breaks that goal down into a winnable game and your people deliver.

The process has been refined to achieve three objectives:

  1. High quality implementation in the shortest possible time
  2. Maximum leader and team engagement with minimum disruption to business operations
  3. Sustainable WIG results through full process adoption (new habits)

In our latest webinar, Swiss-based Michele Cueni, one of our strategy execution consultants, spends around an hour outlining the 4DX system. Using a combination of presentation and Q&As, Michele aims to challenge your thinking around how to create high performance cultures, execution and driving sustained behavioural change at scale in your business.

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Your host: Michele Cueni
Michele is our most experienced consultant within the FranklinCovey team in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Read more...

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