Your habits determine your destiny

How qualified are the opportunities in your team’s pipeline?

With FranklinCovey’s Helping Clients Succeed: Qualifying Opportunities, sales professionals learn how to widen their relationship footprint into larger and more strategic opportunities while focusing on the right deals and developing the mindsets and skillsets of top performers.

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The Challenge

Are you chasing the right opportunities?

How qualified are the opportunities in your team’s pipeline?
Our experience with over 35,000 sales professionals all over the world—in large, medium, and small-sized companies—has revealed three predictable behaviors that most sales people experience:

  • First is their reluctance to stop pursuing weak opportunities because they’re afraid they won’t hit their quota.
  • Next is their apparent rush to close the deal without taking the time to really understand their client’s needs.
  • Finally, the third behavior is the sales person’s inability to handle objections and pushbacks effectively.

The results are often over-investing in the wrong people and opportunities, under-investing in the right opportunities, and leaving money on the table by failing to uncover the business issues their clients are really striving for.


“Nowhere in the sales process do a few minutes of dialogue more quickly determine whether we continue or end our relationship than during the initial interaction.”


The Solution

FranklinCovey will help your sales team get good at doing the good stuff!

Three new mindsets

Our approach begins with an interactive one-day program that establishes and supports three key selling mindsets:

  • First is Enable Decisions, where we emphasize the capability to help the client make incremental decisions along the selling cycle.
  • Second is Win Fast, Lose Fast, where we help sales people understand that both Qualifying In and Qualifying Out are both appropriate and intelligent options.
  • Finally, Handle Objections, focuses on dealing with a variety of predictable push backs in a way that allows the client to take responsibility for fixing and resolving the objection.

The Outcome

A new and effective approach to qualifying opportunities

Qualify Your Opportunities

  • Learn the mindsets and behaviors of top performers.
  • Establish specific goals to ensure a measurable return on investment at the end of the 12-week implementation process
  • Understand the importance of enabling decisions for clients.
  • Create a specific call plan that addresses the client’s key issues—nothing more and nothing less.
  • Learn how to effectively overcome the traditional dysfunctions of the buyer/seller relationship by focusing on the client’s issues first.
  • Become proficient at developing business cases with clients by identifying their most important issues, clearly defining the impact on their organization, and mapping the decison-making process.
  • Establish an accurate snapshot of the sales pipeline.
  • Make significant strides towards become a trusted business advisor.
  • Gain the confidence needed to overcome objections and push-backs by anticipating and practicing beforehand.
  • Prepare to deal effectively with gatekeepers.
  • Commit to implementing the strategies and tools over the course of 12-weeks to ensure a sustained change in behavior.