Our Trainer Team

FranklinCovey Leadership Institute cooperates  with a team of highly experienced and qualified trainers.

All our FranklinCovey trainers come from  management and consulting backgrounds in different areas. They are highly motivated and dedicated to our programmes. All of our trainers are certified by FranklinCovey.

Dr. Heidi Burkhardt
Certified FranklinCovey-Trainer & Senior Consultant

Heidi is a highly experienced trainer and coach in international organizations and in adult education with a focus on leadership, work-life balance and organization.

Christian Conrad
certified FranklinCovey trainer & Senior Consultant

Christian has deep experience in the food industry having worked in several marketing positions. He is also highly profiled in sustainability management.

Michele Cueni
Certified FranklinCovey-Trainer & Director of Leadership and Consulting

Michele has a background in consulting, coaching and mentoring at C-level in multinational organisations. Her expertise is leadership in multicultural teams of global companies.

Michai Cunia
Certified FranklinCovey-Trainer & Sr. Consultant

Michai has 25 years of experience in HR, change management, organisational- and management consulting in multinational projects. Since 2005 he works as entrepreneur and trainer.

Frédéric Dacqmine
Certified FranklinCovey-Trainer & Sr. Consultant

Frédéric has a rich management and consulting experience in marketing and sales in international and multicultural organizations.

Sebastian Eberwein
certified FranklinCovey-Trainer & Consultant

Sebastian’s expertise is in international finance and banking focussing on HR development and change management.


Dr. Oliver Kanapin
Certified FranklinCovey-Trainer & Consultant

Oliver has many years of experience as consultant, coach and trainer. He is also founder and managing director of a management consultancy.

Melanie Mangold-Dummert
certified FranklinCovey-Trainer & Consultant

Melanie is highly experienced as a project leader in the CRM market. She has a background in sales and process consulting in the IT business focussing on sales processes.

Dr. Willi Olf
certified FranklinCovey-Trainer & Consultant

Willi is experienced in the automotive business. Since more than 20 years he works as trainer and coach focussing on leadership, communication and personality.

Marcus Schmidt
certified FranklinCovey-Trainer & Consultant

Marcus has profound experience in leading positions in the finance and accounting business. He is highly qualified as a trainer for leadership development.

Beate Stoll
certified FranklinCovey trainer & Consultant

Beate is an expert for new work and a CPCC Coach for Leadership. She has outstanding experience in leadership and strategy in times of change.

Lydia van der Brugge
certified FranklinCovey-Trainer & Consultant

Lydia has a background in management of the hotel business. She is highly qualified in training and consulting with a focus on people, service and culture-development.

Axel Zundler
certified FranklinCovey-Trainer & Sr. Consultant

Axel is owner and managing director of an agency for human relations management specialized on events and training. He focusses on effective communication, leadership and personality development.

Petra Zurhorst-Mannke
certified FranklinCovey-Trainerin & Consultant

Petra has profound experience as a trainer and business coach focussing on organisations-, team- and leadership development in media and industry.