Today, everyone in sales is struggling with declining numbers, more and more people are taking part in a purchase decision. Selling is more and more difficult to plan and is becoming more and more diverse. Sometimes the customer even knows more than his own employees.

Your sales figures are declining and you have to do something? You want to continue to achieve good sales performance and want to support the sales team in the long term? They want to empower their sales managers to motivate their sales people. With Randy Illig, Sales Performance Director at FC, we believe that companies should focus more on developing their talent rather than constantly looking for better people to fill the team.

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Learn how to build ethical values in your company and develop a shared vision of leadership.

Here are four levers that will help you:

  1. Change the settings of your colleagues
    Develop a new way of thinking for the sales group as a whole. Make it clear that it is valuable to promote and develop employees. Instead of pressing the exit button and reaching out to outsiders, invest more in training and mentoring and offer regular short learning sessions to develop sales talent.
  1. Focus on the development of your salespeople
    In today’s rapidly changing business world, flexible and short training modules are in demand. Appropriate systems, goal orientation and responsibility count here. Accompany and coach your sales representatives constantly!
  1. Become a mentor
    Yes, sales is a difficult job and it is worth setting up a mentoring and consulting system in sales. Sales people should always be at the forefront, be the first to recognize new developments, cultivate their customer relationships and have a win-win mindset. Support sales with studies, information and news.
  1. Deploy your sales staff skillfully
    Think about the talents in your team. Don’t torment colleagues with numbers or waste time in meetings. Be smart and consider who is a real sales talent and understands the customer ideally. Ask them for their insights! Learn from each other!

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