Most executives are hesitant to let their people run with the ball, but it is surprising how fast an informed and motivated person can move.
Lee Iacocca, American Manager


Implement "Project Management Essentials" in your company

How much do failed projects cost you?

When a project is poorly navigated and falls short of budget and timeline goals, it can cost you more than just money; it can cause irreparable damage to reputation, confidence, and client trust. The answer isn’t just dedicated project managers, but instilling your entire team at every level with project management abilities.

If you are concerned with the following questions, then the “Project Management Essentials for the Unofficial Project Manager” training is just right for you:

  • Do our people understand that project success depends on processes and people?
  • Do project managers establish clear and measurable project outcomes regularly and create a well-defined project scope statement?
  • Are project risks clearly identified and assessed?
  • Are there clear communication plans in place for any project launched in our company?

In the FranklinCovey workshop, “Project Management Essentials for the Unofficial Project Manager” your employees will learn skills and techniques for successfully managing projects.


You are interested in the “Project Management Essentials” training? Learn more about the content and benefit in our fact sheet.

Your advantages with the original "Project Management Essentials" training:

In the FranklinCovey workshop, participants learn to

  • Implement foundational behaviors that inspire team members to execute with excellence
  • Identify stakeholders, establish clear and measurable project outcomes and create a well-defined project scope statement
  • Create a realistic and well-defined project schedule
  • Hold team members accountable to project plans
  • Create a clear communication plan around the project that includes regular project status reports and project changes

Your options for introducing “Project Management Essentials” with FranklinCovey:

Individual Training

Would you like individual training for your leaders regarding “Project Management Essentials”? Or, would you like to certify one of your employees to be a facilitator and deliver the program for your organization? Contact us! We will find a solution that will help you to improve.

Public Workshop

You personally would like to benefit from the “Project Management Essentials” in your professional life? Then our public workshop might just be right for you.

Free Webinar

You have heard about the training “Project Management Essentials”, but would like more information about it first? Then register for our free webinar to get to know us. In the 1-hour webinar, we will introduce you to the highlights of  “Project Management Essentials” by FranklinCovey.

This is what our customers say about our "Productivity" programs:

Our employees have saved up to 6 working hours per week after attending the training “5 Choices”. This is an impressive result for Microsoft.

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Microsoft Sweden

Microsoft’s goal in Sweden was to work in a paperless office. This required a uniform, principle-oriented behavior and language. The managers attended the training “The 5 Choices”. The result was a measurable increase in productivity.

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