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Diese Leitfäden und interaktiven Toolkits wurden entwickelt, um die Lehren unserer einflussreichsten Lösungen in kompakte Einsichten aufzuschlüsseln, die auf spezifische Probleme eingehen und zum Handeln anregen. Perfekt für den Austausch mit deinem Team, deinen Führungskräften oder für deine eigene Entwicklung.


7 Ways to Get More out of 1-on-1s With Your Manager

Effective 1-on-1s are all about helping individual contributors be more successful. They provide an opportunity for individuals to form connections with their leader, share challenges, receive coaching, solve problems, and get feedback. When done right, 1-on-1s can be the most productive meeting of the week. Help everyone in your organisation get more out of their 1-on-1 meetings. To see how 1-on-1s can be taken to the next level, download and share 7 Ways to Get More Out of 1-on-1s with Your Manager.


5 Questions to Prepare for More Productive Meetings

We all know the pain of sitting through boring, unorganised, and downright wasteful meetings. When you calculate the costs of unproductive meetings for your organisation, it adds up fast. A little preparation can go a long way when making meetings more productive.

To take your meetings to the next level, download 5 Questions to Prepare for More Productive Meetings, and share it with others in your organisation.

Introducing Jhana® for Individuals Bite-Size Performance Support

Jhana takes a unique, just-in-time approach to learning. Learners build their skills over time—through practical everyday tips and advice delivered by “push” (a weekly email newsletter) and “pull” (a robust library of hundreds of articles, videos, and tools) accessed in the moment of need.

Effektivität | Führung | Unternehmenskultur

The 7 Habits: A Brief Guide to the Principles of the Best-Selling Book

Your organisation's success depends on strong individual performance in every role—especially during times of change and stress. By applying The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, you can build a culture of personal responsibility, optimal productivity, trust, cooperation, and creative problem-solving.

Download our guide for a summary of principles and practices that can help you cope with change in resilient, creative ways.


Adapt to Change: 5 Self-Coaching Questions

A leader’s ability to adjust to new and shifting situations has a significant bearing on their ability to lead themselves, their teams, and their organisation through change. Fortunately, adaptability is like any other skill, and it can be cultivated over time.

Download our guide to help your leaders identify their current approach to change and adopt a productive mindset that enables them to thrive in new circumstances. Bonus: They can use it to coach their team, too!


7 Tips for Doing What Matters Most

How do you manage your time? If you're like most hard-working professionals, you probably spend too much time putting out fires and not enough time pursuing your long-term goals.

In times of uncertainty and stress, it's even more important to be intentional about how you use your time, so you can respond to unforeseen events in effective ways.


Manage Your Energy to Do Your Job Well

Most high-achieving professionals care deeply about their work. They feel a strong sense of responsibility for people and projects and tend to neglect their own needs, especially in stressful times or when you need to adapt to change. If you fit that description, you may be on the path to burnout.

To identify areas where you're putting yourself at risk, answer the questions in our guide, then choose one good self-care habit you can start practicing this week.

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