Stand Out and Drive Growth in Unpredictable Times

This webinar is presented in English.

Is your organisation aligned to STAND OUT and drive sustained growth? Driving consistent revenue growth isn’t easy – especially in times of uncertainty. Consider the reality of most salespeople:

70% of sales meetings are unsuccessful

42% of buyers see no difference between vendors

17% is the average global win rate for deals over $100,000

In this On Demand webcast, we explore how to unleash and focus the collective energy of your organiation to achieve consistent, predictable growth. Learn more about what this webcast covers below!

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The ultimate performance edge for sustained growth isn’t big ideas and strategy– It’s execution.

During this live webcast, we will highlight:

  • The strikingly different formula to achieve compelling contrast in the marketplace.
  • A proven sales execution system that aligns every function in your company to achieve your growth targets.
  • Case studies of companies that turned sporadic performance into consistent breakthrough results.